What is a Registered Dietitian?

Did you know that Dietitian visits are tax deductible and often covered by extended health plans?

A dietitian is a regulated health professional that has completed a Bachelor’s degree specializing in food and nutrition sciences followed by an accredited internship or graduate degree. You can identify a dietitian by the initials RD after their name. This title is protected by law under provincial legislation so that only qualified practitioners who have met these specific education requirements can use the title Dietitian, Registered Dietitian or Registered Nutritionist.

For more information on the regulation of the dietetic profession, please visit The College of Dietitians of Alberta.

Why hire a Dietitian?

With guidance and coaching from a dietitian, you will learn how to make simple and realistic changes to your diet and eating patterns for life. At Philosophy Nutrition & Fitness, our dietitians work with you to make nutrition part of your lifestyle. We stay away from “quick-fixes” and fad diets and give you the most current, evidence-based, and reliable nutrition information available. Are you ready to meet The Team?


Philosophy Nutrition is a proud member of the College of Dietitians of Alberta

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We’re a team of devoted dietitians who embrace the science behind healthy eating, and the crucial role your own body chemistry plays. When you need to know what eating well means to you, we’ll provide the what, why and how.


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