In a world where we are constantly bombarded with facts, fads and contradictory information, it’s hard to know whether you’re making the ‘right’ food choices or following most effective workout plan. The truth is, there’s more than one approach to healthy eating and active living, and the only one who knows which style will work best is you.

At Philosophy Nutrition, we provide the evidence-based foundations upon which you can experiment with your own body, try on new styles of eating and activity, and learn to choose foods with confidence instead of guilt. Taking into account your personal preferences, values, goals, and unique state of health, we will explain, educate, experiment, and empower you to live a healthy life on your own terms – rather than someone else’s.


“The ancient Greek word for philosophy (φιλοσοφία) literally translates to “love of wisdom” and is defined as most basic beliefs, concepts and attitudes of an individual”.


Keeping up with the latest nutrition and fitness trends can be overwhelming. We translate the most relevant and up-to-date research so that you don’t have to get your own degree in nutrition and exercise science to make sense of it all.


Knowledge is power. We’ll teach you the basics of nutrition and how the human body works so that you can be confident that what you are eating and how you move your body is right for you.


At Philosophy Nutrition, we’ll help you experiment with new foods, new recipes and new patterns of eating, as well as new ways to trust your ‘gut’. We’ll help you discover new ways to move your body so that exercise no longer seems like the enemy. We may have the nutrition and fitness knowledge, but you are truly the expert of your own body.


At Philosophy Nutrition, you will never experience a “here’s your plan, now get packing” moment. As soon as you become a client, you’ll see that we’re in it to win it. We’ll support you, stick with you, keep on you, and see you through until you’re confident enough to do it all on your own.

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We’re a team of devoted dietitians who embrace the science behind healthy eating, and the crucial role your own body chemistry plays. When you need to know what eating well means to you, we’ll provide the what, why and how.


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