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Which foods fit into your healthy eating plan?

Which Foods Fit your Meal Plan?

Are you one of the many people out there that think working with a Registered Dietitian means being prepared to give up some or all of your favourite foods for life and maybe even eternity? If so, I am not surprised. With so many food rules, half truths and nutrition myths floating around out there, it seems like every food worth eating has been black listed!

To be honest, this generic way of prescribing diet plans would make our jobs as Registered Dietitians a whole lot easier. We would simply ask our clients to write out a list of their favourite food items, look it over intently, and then hand it back with confirmation that every item on their list is part of the top 1000 foods never to eat again… according to the internet. See how easy it is to eat healthy?

Luckily, that’s not how Registered Dietitians are trained to work and certainly not how we do things at Philosophy Nutrition. The truth is, our dietitians love food so much that it’s pretty much all we talk about, even when we’re not at work. And we’re not just talking about carrots, celery and roasted sweet potato (although those things are also quite delicious), we are talking about our favourite indulgences like home-baked cinnamon buns, the latest line of Jacek chocolates, or that bowl of apple crisp that we ‘accidently’ got served two portions of at Grandma’s house last weekend. Oh… and how about that Brie bake topped with fig jam and walnuts? Yeah… you can bet that no one on our RD team is passing that appetizer up!

The thing is, healthy eating doesn’t have to be restrictive and boring, and it doesn’t have to be about following the perfect diet or cutting out all your favourite foods. Healthy eating is about learning, exploring, and finding what works best for you. It’s about switching off of auto pilot and tuning into your own bodies’ needs. And, it’s about owning your food decisions rather than feeling guilty about them. Lastly, it’s about getting out there and moving your body in everyway possible so that you can afford some Calorie slip ups every once in a while.

When you work with a Registered Dietitian at Philosophy Nutrition, you might be challenged to shift your mindset and re-shape the way you think about food. You might be asked to be more mindful of your portion sizes. You might even be encouraged to break away from your current routine and try some new foods in some new ways. But one thing is for sure, you won’t be put on a popular fad diet that leaves you feeling deprived and unsatisfied. Instead, you will be taught to have a better relationship with food and to balance everyday healthy food choices so that your favourite, not-so-healthy items still fit. After all, everyone knows that the best diet is the one you can stick to!

Posted by: Jessica Hess, RD & Fitness Instructor 

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