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Make Your Food Last Longer! Tips for Proper Food Storage


Storing food properly can go a long way to make sure the foods you’re eating are healthy, fresh and taste as good as possible! It can also help to reduce overall food waste, since hopefully you are throwing away less foods that have gone bad.

Below are three general guides to food storage and making your food last longer: Fruits and Vegetables, Grains, Nuts and Legumes, and Animal Products (includes meat, fish, poultry, dairy and eggs). Use these guides to help you decide where you should put your foods for best storage, and how long they will last!


make your food last- Fruits & vegetables (1)

Storage Grains 10 make your food last- Fruits & vegetables (2)

Some additional points and tips:

Refrigerated Produce:

  • Store cucumbers, squash, greens and herbs with a damp towel in airtight containers
  • Keep stems on peppers to preserve freshness
  • Keep eggplants away from moisture
  • If stalk vegetables (e.g. kale, celery) are wilted, chop off the ends and place them standing in water. They will soak up extra water and become firm again!

Frozen Produce:

  • Wash and chop apples, pears, melons, citrus, stone fruits, and tropical fruits before freezing
  • Freeze berries, cherries and grapes in a single layer to prevent clumping
  • Use frozen fruits in smoothies and baking
  • Blanch zucchini, greens (for cooking), root vegetables, stalk vegetables, and cruciferous vegetables before freezing
  • Freeze raw tomatoes and greens (for smoothies)
  • Cook mushrooms and squash before freezing
  • Use frozen vegetables in cooking, sauces, soups and smoothies

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