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4 Simple Tricks to Achieve your New Year Goals (Guest Post)



This week’s blog post is written by our featured guest author, Shayan Jalali. 

Shayan is passionate about self-improvement and helps people who want to optimize their physical and cognitive well-being. Check him out at for more insightful lifestyle tips!



Another year is over and you wonder: how on earth did time go by so fast?

You set some New Year’s goals last year, but you’re realizing you didn’t achieve most of them.

In fact, you gave up on them before Spring even rolled around.

Now you can’t help thinking…

What’s the point of making New Year’s resolutions anyways?

It never gets me anywhere.

You set the same set of goals every year.

But each year, it seems like your goal settings leads you nowhere.

Deep down, you know you can’t carry on like this.

One way or another, something has to change.

Keep reading – you’re about to find out how to finally achieve your goals using 4 simple tricks.


  • The First Thing You Should Do to Set Better Goals


Figure out: what has worked for you? what hasn’t work so well this past year?

This is where most people make the mistake when setting their goals for the upcoming year.

As I came to learn for myself, it’s so important to reflect on your past experiences to understand why you achieved certain things and failed at others.

When you’re setting goals for the next year, it’s makes such a big difference to reflect back on your past year first. What worked for you? What didn’t work so well? If you wanted to shed a few pounds, why hasn’t the scale moved lower?

Stick with it and you’ll soon start to see patterns in your behavior. Maybe you started the year off exercising and seeing that dietician but soon put that on the back burner. Maybe you started a habit of biking through the river valley, but when your bike broke you forgot to get it fixed.

Analyzing your behavior can be really empowering to help you come up with the habits you need to develop to achieve your goals.

  1. Change The Way You Reward Yourself

Successful people learn to see each goal as a reward itself.

Your goals should be challenging enough to motivate you. Realistic, but challenging.

Personally, one of my health goals for next year is to lose 20 pounds over the 12 months in 2017.

After I wrote this goal down for myself, I contemplated lowering it to 10 pounds. It was too much I thought. I can’t do it. Yeah…losing just 10 pounds is “good enough.”

In reality, 20 pounds is just over a pound and a half per month. It’s definitely doable over the course of a full year.

Why don’t I just stick to the easy 10 pounds? Because if I did that – I’d probably only lose about 5 pounds.

You need to aim higher and work harder for all of your goals. That’s how you’ll stay motivated. That’s how you’ll achieve the results you really want.

With bigger goals (and the necessary harder work) you’ll feel so great after achieving the goal that you’ll recognize it as a reward for itself.

When you reward yourself in other ways, you’re essentially treating the goal like a big chore you have to do. You’re less likely to do it.

But when you learn to see the goal your reward, you’ll work towards it so much more easily, and feel empowered once you achieve it.

  1. Create a Plan That Actually Works

Ever notice how you just set a goal in one area of your life and for some reason you don’t end up achieving it?

Whether you realize it or not, a lot of times it’s because your life falls out of balance. You strive so hard to achieve in one area of your life, you start neglecting another area.

That’s why it’s crucial to have a comprehensive plan. All of these categories of life’s categories related in some way. If one of them is out of balance, it’s throws the rest of your life off balance too.

Set goals to optimize each category and you stand a much better chance of reaching your new goals by the end of the year!

For each of these, you write your top goal PLUS your top habit necessary to achieve the goal.

Here, you can use an outline similar to the chart below for your own goals:


Knowing what habit is needed to achieve your goal will really increase your chances of success.

For instance, one of my health goals for 2017 is to lose 20 pounds. My corresponding habit is to eat 6 well-balanced meals a day – instead of just binge eating a large portion of sweet potato fries for lunch like I did many times this past year.

  1. Always Write Down Your Goals

I write my goals down twice a day, once in the morning when I wake up, once at night before I go to sleep.

Consistent repetition helps you stay focused on your goals.
Keep them handy. Write them down. And look them over every day.

Because you know what?

Feeling overwhelmed sucks.

Especially when there’s no end in sight.

But simple changes to the way you plan your goals can have dramatic effects on your success.

Just imagine a year from now – how spectacular you’ll feel when you realize you’ve achieved all of your goals.

Imagine conquering your New Year’s resolutions, achieving what you want, and fulfilling your desires.

Imagine reflecting back on 2017 and being grateful that you took time to reflect, set goals, and actually achieved them.

By following these simple steps, you can ensure a great year ahead.

To your success!


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